Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Last night was great! All of ActionQuest met at Vixen Point to have a BBQ/dance party. Everyone flocked to the line to get food. The staff made Action Punch out of pineapple juice and sprite, and it was surprisingly tasty, especially since many of us haven’t had a fizzy drink in over a week. After eating, our boat ran to the dance floor, and the others followed. DJ Heavy Beats rocked the party with his heart pumping playlist. We danced the night away. Once it was completely dark outside, a few of the staff members surprised us with fire dancing. Eventually, the party came to a close at 11:00. The real struggle came when we had to wake up at seven this morning. We ate a breakfast of oatmeal and began our sail to GHP. Once we arrived, the Dolphins went on a dive for underwater photography. They saw and took pictures of many fish, including a five-foot tarpon. The Neptunes went to the barge for a deep dive. The barge had a sunken barge below it which was rad. We went 95 feet down and cracked eggs underwater. Because of all the pressure, the eggs remained intact even after cracking them. As we ascended, Kelli spotted a huge mutton snapper; we think it was at least 15 pounds! We ate Mexican dinner, which was awesome — all in all, a great day.