Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today the weather was very nice! It was 88 degrees, sunny, and windy. This morning we woke up to a good breakfast of oatmeal at 7 am. By 8:30 am we were in a port called Saba Rock. By 9:15 we had water and were sailing on our way to Anegada. Thanks to the awesome ability of our crew, we were able to trim the sails and were flying at 8.2 knots. We anchored off the beach of Anegada, and we had 1.5 hours of beach time. Then after the beach time, we had deli sandwiches, and we sailed back to Mountain Point. Then we had Mexican night, which was tacos. The two Barracudas on our boat got to on their first-night dive also. The crew is awesome! They were secretly making brownies while we were cleaning. We gave nicknames to our crew: Tucker is Mama, Tor is the cool sister, and Craig’s name is Dad because he is the skipper.