Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning was a struggle, everybody had a hard time getting up due to the previous night. Our whole boat danced the night away in a little shack-like-disco-place. The music was different and the DJ (DJ “Heavy Beats”) got really into it. Our boat stuck together and at one point in the dance we were the last ones dancing. My brother and I taught a few people how we dance in the Philippines and how to salsa, it was so funny! The night was great, perfect weather and beautiful stars. It was our last night (out of three) at Vixen Point. This morning we started with some oatmeal. For some reason food tastes so much better after we cook it ourselves and we’re eating it in the most beautiful place in the world. After breakfast we proceeded with our journey to Anegada. We sailed for about three hours, and me being the skipper, it was pretty crazy.

Helming the boat was a lot harder than I thought, at one point I almost slipped. When we got there we hurried to get to the white sand, it was great! Everyone was swimming together and playing water games. Afterwards we headed to Mountain Point. It took a while, and the whole time the chefs were getting ready for our little fiesta. For dinner we had Mexican food. We made our own burritos. It was a little struggle, everyone’s burrito broke (except for Seth’s, “the future of the burrito business”). It was also fun seeing how much food Nick (aka William Kerry McGinty) could fit into his mouth. He finished his burrito pretty fast, it was very impressive. Today was a great day, and it will only get better!!