Location: Marina Cay

Today started earlier than usual with anchors up at 7:30. We sailed to Ginger Island to dive Mario’s. After arriving at Ginger Island, we picked the mooring and assembled our dive gear. The first thing we noticed after jumping in was how amazingly clear it was, with awesome visibility. Our dive was beautiful. After everyone surfaced, we started pumping tanks and dropped our mooring. We then headed over to Marina Cay to refill on water. After our tanks were filled, we went and moored by Trellis Bay. We then got shore time. Trellis as a bunch of small shops so we all bought some fun souvenirs. After enjoying our break, we shuttled back to our boat and headed back to Marina Cay to anchor. We prepared an early dinner and cleaned up. After dinner, we went ashore at Marina Cay for a Lifeworks forum. This Lifeworks is one of the most influential ones. Off to bed for a good night’s rest for yet another day in paradise tomorrow!