Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

As I helped drive the Odyssea I started to wonder how many days I had been in the beautiful BVI’s…I took a guess of 5 and it turned out to be 8! Day 8. Time is simply flying by way too fast! The weather today: absolutely gorgeous and today was a total lazy day. First we went to Anegada and just walked on the beach and took a short breather that aloud us all to to just absorb the untouched and unspoiled BVI, all our dives, and the dance. Everything so far has been amazing. The people, dives (wish I had more bugspray and seasickness pills), the scenery, the annoying/hilarious seagulls, … just everything! After the beach time out in Anegada we sailed to Mountain Point (by the way we sailed off the anchor!). It was hard but our boat is so amazing that we pulled it off. When we first arrived at Mountain Point we all had a plan of throwing Sky into the water and after the 3rd failed attempt we finally managed to tear his hands away from the ropes on the net and just toss him in. The most hilarious part of my day. For Dinner we had Mexican Night, which was actually really good. And tonight like always pretty much the entire boat is going to be sleeping outside under the stars. Today was a great day, as always, and I know that all of us grew closer together and our long lost shipmate, Liz or “L”, has literally caused all of us to become more like a family. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for day 9!