Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

On day eight we woke up to the crimson light of the sun, and the unrelenting loudness of the AQ morning CD. We motored over to Leverick Bay for some fuel and water. After spending 45 minutes there, we had a long sail. We sailed at a beam/close reach for the trip, which was nice because of how fast we went. We must have been doing something right because at our arrival we watched the shimmering waves of Anegada for 20 minutes before another boat entered sight. We had some amazing grilled cheese second only to that of my mom and then proceeded to take the beach by storm with our dinghy. We chilled on shore for about two hours and witnessed a boat’s inflatable dolphin Doug get kidnapped multiple times. We got back to Maggie B. and sailed towards Mountain Point. I am proud to announce a new tradition I feel I somewhat created, and that is to use our instructor Kat’s pink sunglasses when sailing. This unmatched fashion statement is no doubt the reason for our sailing dominance of the day, and many ridiculous pictures came as a result. This is skip, signing out on day 8.