Location: Brewer's Bay

Today wasn’t about us, it was about the bettering of the community. It started as most days start, we got up, ate breakfast and got ready for our first activity. We then hopped on the dingy and headed to the shore. What we saw was shocking. The damage caused by Irma was astounding, it really shows that no matter how far we progress as a society, nature can still have its way. But we came together not just one boat, or even just Action Quest, AQ and Go Beyond joined together. We came into a job that looked impossible but we all came together and made a huge impact. We walked into a house that was torn apart, trash everywhere and broken down. Although the task was daunting, we got straight to it, filling up one dumpster after another, all of us pitching in and the results were incredible. It was very rewarding to know that in a couple of hours we could truly help out someone’s life. Afterward, we went back to the boat and had soup for lunch, and reflected on what we did. Afterward, we began our sail to the next dive spots, where we had a fun dive. It wasn’t for any of our certifications but we did catch up on anything we missed. The dive was beautiful with so many vibrant colors and species of fish, and one amazing cave swim through. After we surfaced, the Dolphins split up to play turtle tag while the Neptunes stayed on the boat for a discussion about equipment with the other boats. Finally, we had a Thanksgiving dinner which concluded our day. Overall, the community service was a rewarding experience which was all part of an amazing day!