Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we had some oatmeal for breakfast. I enjoyed the cinnamon and apple oatmeal. After breakfast we had all the other Neptune shipmates come to our boat for the equipment lecture lead by Hannah. During the lecture we had a competition where 2 teams of 10 needed to get 5 people to assemble and disassemble their tank, BCD, and regulators blindfolded! I was one of the 5 people and I put the gear together and did it the fastest. We then went to Sandy Spit to hang out before lunch. It was low key sad to see Sandy Spit so different from last year. Irma really messed it up. For lunch, we had mac and cheese and PB and J sandwiches. After lunch, during clean up, I was doing nothing so I made some 50/50 ice tea/lemonade. After that, we motored to the dive site named the playgrounds. The dive was fun. Alex, Zev and I were buddies and when we went down, we had to wait for the Dolphins to finish their project dive so we waited and played around but near the end I had to ascent because I was getting low on air. Once everyone was done, we went back to Sandy Spit and we showered and enjoyed the water. That brings us to now where I’m writing this blog, so now I’m going to finish so we can leave for the BBQ on Sandy Spit.