Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We started today off with pancakes, and they were very good; some of the best I have ever had! After breakfast, one of my shipmates jumped in the water after her sunglasses and was able to retrieve them successfully before they sank to the depths. We laughed about how it was a great opportunity to practice her free diving. Other than that, we had a pretty normal day. We had to get water before we went to land. The docking process was easy, and we filled up our tanks and left for land. Land was fun, even though we had limited options for lunch; I had a cheesy cheese pizza, that was very filling. Also, most of us helped clean up some of the devastations on a local beach that had huge sailboats blown ashore from hurricane Irma. After that, we returned to the Macks and set off a little late from Trellis Island with from fresh laundry in tow. The ride over to our anchoring spot was fun- although we almost hit a crabbing line and had some trouble anchoring, it was all sorted out, and we had a great final meal of rice and chili.