Location: Antigua

Today we woke to a beautiful Antigua, the sun was shining bright and it was easy to tell it was going to be a great day! We started off the morning by getting breakfast started; our cooks, Aiden and Ginger, brought up oatmeal for everyone. We all ate very quickly because right after breakfast we have to clean the dishes and get ready for our sail chat. Basic sailing took their first sailing exam while advanced sailors took a practice quiz for their upcoming written exam. After sail chat we unhooked ourselves from Annie Daydreaming and put up our sails as soon as we left the harbor. We soon proceeded to initiate sailing circles and man overboard drills until it started to pour with rain. We all hid under the biminy and ate our lunch which consisted of white bean soup. Soon after we cleaned the lunch dishes we made a boom swing and did as many tricks off it as we could, and pretty soon Annes crew came over and jumped of the swing with us. We did that until dinner time where we sat down and had mexican burritos. We are now in the process of cleaning the boat with nothing but pots because Annes crew took our deck buckets, but have no doubt we will get out revenge! We are also about to set sail on another night crossing and i cant wait!