Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning began eventfully by waking up to a beautiful sunshiny day and the smell of cinnamon French toast being made. I was left in charge for a little while when the staff left to attend a meeting. Thankfully the boat stayed in once piece. After clean up, there was a nice sail to Muskmelon Bay. The dive there was amazing, making everyone even more enthusiastic for the upcoming night dive tonight. We then moved onto Lava Flow beach for an ice day of relaxation and bonding with the other boats. The Neptunes had an enjoyable lecture about dive equipment. After the beach, it was back to Muskmelon Bay. Bryant, Adam, and I had an exciting time bird watching. The night dive was pretty exciting as well. Now it’s time for brownies, and I’m just drooling at the thought of it. The temptation is too much so now I must go devour the chocolatey goodness!