Location: Marina Cay

First thing this morning we sailed for Ginger Island to dive Mario’s Reef. It was a stormy sail but a great dive. We began with a navigation review then dove with our buddy. One buddy pair ended up at the wrong boat! After that, we got new linens for pillows and such. We had mini saltine sandwiches with PB and J for lunch because we were out of bread! We motored to Marina Cay for a bit to fill up on water and fuel. Soon after we went to Trellis Bay (an artistic community on Tortola) where we got to call home and stock up on snacks. We motored back to Marina Cay to anchor up for the night and where we had a Lifeworks forum with entire AQ fleet. It was a tape that lasted about an hour. It was amazing. I’m sad we only have a week and two days left.