Location: Marina Cay

Today was a fantastic day even though the weather was weird. We began the day at six o’clock and began to leave the place we were anchored. Continuing our journey we reached the Dog Islands, where we spent our afternoon scuba diving and snorkeling. While in the water I was able to swim amongst a group of six squids and learned how to do a backflip with my snorkeling gear. With the time passing quickly and indelible memories forming, we made our way to Marina Cay, where we filled up our water tanks. With an hour of free time, we spent it going to a small store called Pusser’s. Although Pusser’s did not have everything we imagined, we were still able to buy some soda, ice cream, Pringles, candy, and nuts. Ending the day with smiles on our faces we anchored not that far from Pusser’s. Not only was it a great day, but we finally realized all the new faculties we will gain on this terrific experience.