Location: Marina Cay

Waking up at 6 am, the tired Soulmates hopped out of bed and got ready for the day ahead of them. Anchors went up at 6:30 and we were motoring away to our next destination of Dog Islands. For the first time, we had breakfast in the rain. We ate cereal. Once we reached the islands the majority of the Soulmates went scuba diving, others went snorkeling, and one made lunch and brownies back at the boat. For lunch, we had “ultimate Ramen,” consisting of oriental Ramen, honey, garlic powder, chili pepper, and peanut butter. That sure filled us up. Everyone was so excited for our afternoon shore stop. We had 30 minutes to go into the supermarket, get as much food and drinks that fit into one bag, call our parents, and get back onto the boat. For dinner, we ate tortellini. Everyone went into shore with a full belly for Lifeworks forum. The discussion was about taking advantage of every last moment you have, and that today could be your last. Everyone was tired and fell asleep instantly under the stars.