Location: Somewhere in the Mediterranean (Elba)

Our day started bright and early at 6 am when we left the port of Civitavecchia and started our 12-hour journey towards our new destination of Elba, the island on which Napoleon was exiled. We completed the journey in our usual watch teams, on duty for three hours at a time, in which we helm (steer the boat), complete boat checks and compete to see who can avoid the job of bow watch. The watches were livened up by Sam, our captain, who decided to give himself what can only be described as the “Argo buzzcut” (shaving all your hair off on the stern, with no mirror) during the first watch. Some of us used this opportunity to try our hands at hairdressing – it’s safe to say that none of us will be making a career of it any time soon. After lunch we had a sailing class, attempting to learn the multiple different boat and marker shapes and signals and what each one means, which we will need to know for our crew certification at the end of the trip. At the end of a long day of sailing, we finally pulled into Elba, to be greeted with beautiful scenery and the warmest waters we’ve experienced so far, a fact which certainly made the deck showers more pleasant. Dinner was followed by a Lifeworks forum, an experience which allowed the group to express their views on the important subject of values and how they affect all of us. For now, we’re all off to bed, exhausted after a long but fulfilling day, and excited to explore the port of Elba tomorrow.