Location: Ye Olde Port of Livorno

Today be starting with de watch team 3 waking up at the bewitching small hour of 2 AM to move from me buried treasure at Elba to plunder and pillage Livorno. As the wind be not at our backs we had to be using the iron jenny (engine, for ye landlubbers) for seven wee hours. Every cargo ship and passenger boat trembled in the wakes of the mighty Argo as we traversed the powerful Mediterranean Sea. The whimpering sea dogs of our crew squeezed in a few wee hours of shut-eye before the time came again and the captain would whip them back to work as they secured the docking lines in the city of Livorno. Lashed to the decks the crew scrubbed for hours until the crews work met the satisfaction of their scrupulous captain and me vessel be purdy as she ever been. We were off to the mighty town of Pisa known for the tower cursed with a mysterious disease by Davey Jones himself and were there by high noon. With only one of us (Andreas) speaking the native tongue of the Scaly Waggers, we made our way round the tower, bombing a few portraits of random landlubbers we know not of (Becca). We quickly took over a local galley and demanded grub as our crew hailed from the new world we were given special treatment from them local heathens. The grub proved to be scrumptious and was followed with our tradition of a mighty hunt for the most precious treasure of all… Gelato. Arghh Matey. Too soon we skulked back to Argo to be hosed down to rid us of the mighty stench of the ocean herself. We partook in a pre-celebration of taking the new world bar-b-que. Our evening fill be followed by a few games of them fake Asian pirates (ninja) and a long intellectual conversation between Mike, Payton and I about 14.9.2 and potentially broke mathematical barriers creating a number more advanced than pi. All starting by the likelihood of today sometimes being Tuesday. Matey.