Location: Civichivecchhia to Rome

Our day started bright and early today with a train ride to Rome at 6:45. We arrived in Rome and immediately lost ourselves among Rome’s many winding streets … literally. After asking some friendly Romans for directions, we found our way to a rather decrepit looking stadium (it didn’t even appear to be finished). After spending an hour poking our way around there, we made our way to the Forum Romano (which was almost as decrepit as the stadium). Anyway, after spending a little time there, we headed to get lunch passing by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage on the way (I think that the architect was inspired by Zeus’s palace on Mt. Olympus). After a fantastic lunch, we all took cabs to the Vatican (I’m glad the driver was Italian, that way he couldn’t understand my screams of terror). Once there we spent some time in the Basilica di San Pietro (I found the whole thing rather above me myself). The afternoon consisted of visiting the Pantheon (must’ve run out of funding before they finished the roof), the Trevi fountain (wouldn’t even let you swim), and the Spanish Steps (no idea on the significance of those). We then began making our way back to the train station before realizing that we didn’t know where it was. We then ended up taking the metro to the train station (I know…) and had an invigorating run to catch the train back. All told I’d say we walked roughly 27 miles (this from a completely unbiased third-party source). Finally, we came back and finished the day with a pizza for each of us.