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Mediterranean - 2011, Session 1

"That's Awesome"

Location: Cannes, France

Today was our first full day on the boat! Last night we ran the anchor watch, so everyone woke up a little groggy. We woke up in Nice where our first big task of the day was running through the safety drills: fire, man overboard, and abandon ship. The fire hoses have a bit of kick to them, and Cali and Serena got surprised by the water. We had a surprise man overboard drill in which we successfully saved the buoy! Then we put up the sails, even though we motored on over to Cannes. When we got to Cannes, we went ashore to visit the city. We walked the boardwalk and went window shopping. Then some of the boys decided to attempt (and failed) to pick up girls in the McDonalds. We finished off our time on shore at the public beach, swimming and people watching. When we got back to Argo we saw the BIGGEST BOAT EVER, the yacht was five stories tall and 434 feet long!! While dinner was being prepared we danced the swing in the galley, sang along with the music, and tanned on the deck. Chloe finally arrived!