Location: Rome - Italy

We had a really early start today at 5:15, when everybody was packed and ready we headed to the train station where we had our soap-flavored-muffins for breakfast, which was unfortunate because no one got to finish theirs. After our train to Rome, which took about 40 minutes, the first thing we got to see was the Coliseum, which was epic. After the Coliseum, we went to see a bunch more places like the Roman Forum, Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps before having a lunch break. After lunch we split into two groups one of which was headed to Vatican and was led by Steve, the other group got to explore Rome thoroughly and was led by Cooper and they also got ‘Team Cooper’ imprinted shirts. After having exploring Rome, all the way through and enjoying Vatican, the two groups met just in the nick of time to our return train. When the group came back, we were welcomed with a very pleasant dinner during which ‘Team Cooper’ got to show off their shirts. Everyone is now really tired and they’re mentally preparing themselves for the awaiting 20 hour passage which will initiate tomorrow.