Location: Rome - Italy

A 20-day excursion aboard a sailing ship is not one to be taken lightly. It requires a crew of well-rounded individuals, who each are able to work and live amongst one another. The crew aboard Argo have slowly learned what life on a sailing yacht is like. The continued dedication even with little sleep to the boat herself rather then their own personal gain has showed how they’ve adjusted their attitude to work together on Argo.
Usually when Argo arrives on a dock everyone gets excited about being on land again. Civitavecchia was the first port since the beginning of the trip that we actually docked at. Having land so close can seem really tempting to go onto. I believe that, apart from previous anchorages, the crew was fine with staying aboard Argo for daily duties. Everyone seemed to stay as a working machine when it came to cooking meals, doing boat appreciation projects and just hanging out. Having this comfortable feeling without wanting to escape the people you live with constantly is a great trait to have. The crew, as well as myself, will in the end realize that this trip has increased our confidence in creating relationships.
When today started, uncontrollable circumstances lead to us having to stay on dock for a few hours more then planned. During this time, the staff were able to put together on shore activities, which helped to fill the gap while we waited to leave shore. Visiting old bathing springs was a joyous time for the crew, and a great way to relax from the work each one has put down.
Ultimately, the dedication that has continued to grow into a uniform body will leave all the crewmates with incomparable skills; the 20-hour crossing to Sardinia ahead of us will show as a test of what we have learned. We hope for a safe crossing and an exciting arrival to the port of Palau, Sardinia.