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Mediterranean - 2016, Session 3

Day 1 - Learning The Ropes

Location: Villefranche - France

Staggered flights caused some confusion for the crew on arrival day. My group of 6 were introduced to the sailboat at midday and the crew aquatinted us with the ship's onboard facilities, namely the head. After unpacking and eating a Panini lunch, we ventured into Nice for gelato and to exchange currency; unfortunately, many banks could not assist us. We returned to the boat to pack the many food rations required for our journey. Once completed we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon and many students utilized the marina showers. For dinner, we ate spaghetti and became more familiar with our peers and tutors. Following dinner, there was an introduction to our onboard responsibilities, defined by the "job wheel”, a tool used to evenly distribute chores to students. We were also introduced to the "squeeze" tradition, practiced nightly by all onboard, as well as, a formal greeting where each student and faculty introduced, their name, birthplace, and the amount of years one has been involved with action quest programs. Afterwards we looked to the "job wheel" to instruct us on our new jobs. It was my responsibility as skipper of he day to write the daily blog post.