Location: Nevis

Today we went to around the island of Nevis getting a tour of the island by a really cool taxi driver/ guide called Barry. First, he brought us to the first hotel of the island, which is now been turned in to a parliament for the government of Nevis. As part of this, he showed us the old bathhouse, which sadly stopped running hot water in 1980, but showed us a small hot bath near them where we bathed our feet in the 100 degrees Fahrenheit water. Then we visited the botanical gardens which were filled with artistic statues and ornate flower displays; we had our first lunch here. We then quickly stopped off at a Laundromat to clean our laundry. Then along the ride to our next location the golden rock restaurant, which used to be near a sugar cane plantation, Barry pointed out various places such as the first church on the island which is still in use as an Anglican church today. At the golden rock, we enjoyed our second lunch and chatted for an hour or so. After that, we headed into town to buy snacks and a volleyball so we could play on the beach tomorrow along with football and such. We then came back to the boat, finding a load of other boats from another program. We then ate a fantastic summer thanksgiving dinner courtesy of our chefs. All in all a great day