Location: Nevis

It’s been a late night for us, 10:45 is really pushing things when you wake up at 6:00 a.m. We just got back from a movie night on Ocean Star; we met up with her late last night here in Nevis. Dinner was a barbecue on the beach, no rolling cups for once! This morning we ate breakfast in the rain, and then took the dinghy in to meet up with Barry and Ozzy, our tour guides/transportation for the past two days. By 8:30 we were en route up Mt. Nevis, the dormant volcano. The three-hour hike round trip included mud sliding, several sketchy paths involving rope, and, no surprise, more rain; the expedition was definitely worth it, though, we made it to the Source which provides drinking water for all of Nevis. We ate our first lunch in a cloud on the mountain and then started the return trip. A few falls later; we were back to the base where we enjoyed our second lunch at the Golden Rock Inn, a refurbished former plantation. A couple of hours of free time were spent exploring Charlestown and stocking up on groceries; then it was back to Zourite for showers. Quite a few of us decided to wash ourselves and our clothes at the same time, and a few bleach accidents ensued. Then it was time for dinner, which brings us full circle. It’s lights out now as we prepare for tomorrow’s passage to Antigua, good night!