Location: Statia to Nevis

Today, after a very roly-poly night at Statia, where nobody could sleep, neither on beds nor on the floor of the boat, we set sail to Nevis. We were supposed to focus and learn during the sailing time, but most of us just fell asleep accidentally for hours until the less lazy ones woke everybody else up to anchor. A few minutes later, which seemed like hours, lunch was ready, and we ate tons of mac and cheese until we felt as if we were going to explode. As soon as we felt full and we started moving again, some of us started to throw the extra mac and cheese as if it was a contest of who could throw it farthest. We convinced Andy to take us to the beach, where we had a really good time throwing sand in a huge sand war, playing chicken and just pulling everybody under the water. Some people snorkeled and saw starfish and some cuttlefish. Beach time was just amazing. The day ended as always, showering in the ocean, although we had a surprise dinner because the chefs didn’t want to tell us what they were cooking, it ended up being chicken with peanut sauce, rice, and peanut butter. It’s been a really nice day.