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Caribbean Leeward Islands - 2013, Session 2

Day 2, "Is This Sam's?"

Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today, we finally got underway and began sailing. It was one of the best for sure, although there will be better days. After we moored off of the shores of Norman Island, we did our swim test. Although it was very tiring, we all had a lot of fun in the water, during and after the test. When we got out, we got ready to snorkel in the caves. We saw some amazing water life while snorkeling. After we finished with the snorkeling, we headed over to The Bight. We moored and sat down and got ready for dinner. We had the director of the Action Quest came over and ate dinner with us. After dinner, we played a game that told everyone more about us. We know are all closer friends, but yet we act like a family, and we take care of each other. Today was a good day.