Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an exciting day at ActionQuest. First, as always, we were woken up by the wonderful morning CD. Then we prepared scrambled eggs and muffins, which were very delicious. Then we got ready for our day and hung out on the boat for a while. Next Quest went snorkeling, and Vegas went scuba diving. While snorkeling, I saw tons of jellyfish. Then on the way in we saw a spotted stingray which was cool. After that, we went to our boat and made lunch. The boat Astrid joined us for the afternoon, which was very crammed. After lunch, we went to the Prosecutor and practiced picking up mooring balls. Later we came back to the boat and prepared two dinners for us and Astrid, which was pretty hectic. Then we proceeded to do one giant squeeze. Our evening program was Lifeworks, which was very eye-opening and gave me a new perspective on my shipmates. Can’t wait to learn more about everyone and learn more about myself!