Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day began at 6:30am with a Michael Jackson song like every day, but like each day, the day was different, full of adventures and special. When we woke up we had to get ready very quickly because we had to move from the beach where we were, and we had breakfast while we were sailing. We arrived to a very cute little harbor where we could go to the supermarket and buy some food (some of us bought bottles of Nutella, we missed it) and also we could call our parents and tell them how much fun we are having. We were there for two hours, so we could go to a pretty beach where we swam and took sunbath. We had a very good time. Before we left the harbor we had a dance off with another boat and we obviously won!! It was very funny. Then we sailed for a while and we arrived to a very cool part of the island which Jason wanted us to see. It was a natural pool that you had to swim and go through a tunnel to get in there, it was amazing. We took pictures holding jellyfish and we had a good time there too. Finally we sailed for a little bit more and arrived to a coast where we put the anchor.