Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up early and listened to some classic AQ CDs. We ate some cereal and then had a dive chat, and all passed our last quiz. After that, we all went to the beach to play team games with our boat. We made a knot with our bodies, and it was really funny, and we bonded through our teamwork. After some beach games, we finally got to eat some mac and cheese, which was yummy. After we ate, we took a sailboat that was medium sized in groups of six. It was so hot, but the sailing was a lot of fun and relaxing. After sailing on the medium sized boat, we got off and went on Picos, which could only fit two people. I thought I was going to die on it, but it ended up being easy and enjoyable. Once we got off the cute little boats, we got back to our boat, and there were apples finally since we waited only a day which felt like forever for them since our days are so long. Our boat is getting so much closer, and we all work together so well. I love all the people, and the origins of the people and the cultures of my new good friends are so amazing. In the night we have a dance thing and BBQ which has been long awaited for. I’m excited to keep learning more and more about the friends I’m living with.