Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started with with a long long rainy night. Most people woke up tired as the 6 people (me included) who slept on deck all got poured in and decided to call it quits and sleep in the cabins. After wakeup breakfast followed shortly after. Despite their being plenty of oatmeal, 2 shipmates ended up having a short little argument about who got the last bag of maple and brown sugar oatmeal. However everything was resolved and the day continued with sailing some Rhodes 19 (a small sailboat). This time it was crucial to everyone involved as lots was learned. After those boats were sailed, sunscreen was quickly reapplied so our boat could then go snorkeling!!!!!! The amazing thing that was seen (by me and others) was a big barracuda. After snorkeling was lunch in which we ate sandwiches. Shortly after lunch some Pico Lasers (very small boat that fits 2) which went very fast and were quite controllable. This was my personal favorite part if the day along with a lot of the other sail members favorite thing. The sailing was then followed by refilling our water tank and buying snacks at one of, if not the, most expensive grocery store in the whole BVI!!!! We then proceeded to sail to Mountain Point where we will spend the night. This is where the best meal of the trip was prepared (Mexican night) by (shoutout to) Alex, Supra, and Emma.