Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was extremely fun. We started off our day with water sports where we kneeboarded, waterskied, and wakeboarded. After we all had turns trying the water
sports we had a dive chat. We enjoyed learning about the recreational dive planner. At first, it was hard to understand but in the end, we understood it. We took the final exam on the subject as well. Following the rest and the chat, we ate a delicious lunch. We ate, cleaned up, then swam to beach for another fun
activity. We were able to practice windsurfing for a second time. One we got used to it, we realized that it was easier surfing out than swimming back. When we weren’t windsurfing we played in the ocean and played volleyball tonight we will be going to the dance and barbecue. We cannot wait to have fun at the party together for the upcoming activities.