Location: Porto Santo Stefano - Italy

Today started with a standard 7:00 wakeup call and totally above-standard Huevos Rancheros for breakfast. After a short cleanup and pre-passage prep, we started underway to Porto San Stefano, which I’m pretty sure is Italian for. While underway we had crew class on types of anchors as well as stand-on and give-way vessels. This was followed by more hands-on pin rail races, where all the students split into two groups and staff members called out points on the ship, and the first person to reach that point in either group would win. Shortly after this, we arrived in Port Santo Stefano where we had about three hours of shore time. Many of the students and staff were happy to be able to contact friends and family back home by borrowing some conveniently non-passworded cafe Wi-Fi. After returning to the boat, we had some time to shower and relax before having a delicious chicken satay for dinner. The chicken was sauced perfectly by my watch team leader, Cooper. The day has now ended as the sun sets over the small Italian port.