Location: Elba - Italy

We started the day to the rocking of the boat during our sailing night passage to Elba. During the sail all of a sudden we hear several loud ‘man overboards from the deck, we quickly went below and started waking everyone up to start the recovery. We spilt in to three teams watch team one launched the boat in the water, watch team two gathered medical supplies and watch team three trimmed the sails. The victim, who was a bright orange PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and bucket, was quickly recovered and was given all the help it needed. By this point, we were almost to our destination of Elba. On arrival, we dropped anchor and got ready to go to land. We got in the dinghies and headed for the dock and then hopped on land and started a short walk to the breathtaking beach to have a short swim and ice cream. After all this, we got back to the boats and showered and ate dinner. We are now ready for a good night’s sleep and to get underway tomorrow.