Location: St. Eustatius

Today was one of the more awesome days. After our 8 am start, which was much appreciated after yesterdays 5 am start, we had breakfast, prepared for the hike and jumped in the dingy. Once on land, we wasted no time starting the hike up the dormant volcano known as the Quill! Today was quite a bit warmer than usual, and none of the wind could pierce the thick jungle we were hiking through. After an hour of trekking up the mountain, we reached the crest and looked down into the crater. The view was spectacular! We all stopped to have a bite to eat and cool off in the wind on an exposed rock overlooking the crater. All of the boys decided to follow Andy down the nearly vertical wall into the center of the volcano. It took half an hour to reach the flat bottom of the crater! The bottom was amazing, and we spent some time looking around at the bottom. Once we climbed out of the bottom, we met with everyone else who by this time was relaxing in the sun right where we left them and headed back down the same way we came up. Everyone was given time to explore the town Oranjestad. I checked out both fort Oranje and the museum, which were both really interesting and then moved onto the important stuff like Chinese food and ice cream! At 5 O’clock everyone met at the dock and were given rides back the boat. Once on board, we figured out that the front starboard head had a nice surprise waiting for us. It was clogged. Andy worked on the plumbing for quite sometime before the three of us (Max, Jonah, and Wes) were sent in to clean up. Let’s just say it was not a pretty sight. That ordeal delayed dinner until 8:15 which is now, and now I have to go eat!