Location: Saba to St. Eustatius

Today was a great day fill with many activities. The day began early in the morning (05:30) with the whole group preparing for the hiking. We had simple but great breakfast and made sandwiches for lunch. We took the dingy to the rock shore for a “wet landing.” Then the challenge began; we proceeded to climb the great mountain of stairs ahead of us. The first section of the climb was called the “ladder,” which consisted of 968 steps built 300 years ago. We passed though a town followed by another path leading up to the main part of the climb. The whole group was then faced with climbing a much steeper and more slippery path having 1064 steps. When we made it to the top after a grueling climb filled with many chickens that followed us all the way up. Once we got there we were surprised to see such a spectacular scenic view. However the next challenge was going back down where more chickens followed. The path down was very muddy and made everyone extremely dirty! Along the path was a beautiful jungle that was next to the path. Once we got down we went to a town where we found food for lunch. After a delicious lunch, we went down the boat. Once we got to the boat, we were all exhausted and in need of a shower. Once we washed up, we left the beautiful island of Saba and headed off towards St. Eustatius. We arrived around 6:30 after eating a fantastic dinner while sailing made by wonderful captain Andy. Then day came to an end once we anchored near the port. Overall it was a great day.