Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up this morning with relief, it hadn’t rained and we’d been able to sleep fully without waking up and heading down below deck. Everybody then went down to the galley to prepare an amazing breakfast of French toast. After eating, we quickly cleaned up before leaving Savanna Bay for the final time. We started headed towards Anegada. I, as the skipper, directed everyone in raising the sails and starting the journey. The wind was tough, but we stayed on course finally reaching our destination around noon. We prepared a great meal of chicken salad and sandwiches that we took to the beach for a picnic. After eating, we took a quick swim before heading to our final destination, Vixen Point. There we finished our journey of around 16.5 miles. We are a hearty meal of garden burgers and went to finish our final clean up. Next, we had a dive chat with Austin, before finally heading to bed.