Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we did rotations, and it was so much fun! We started off by windsurfing off the beach at Vixen Point, which has the prettiest beaches. I finally got the hang of holding the sail, and I was able to tack six times! While everyone was taking turns windsurfing, we played beach volleyball. Our next rotation was snorkeling in the mangroves. We saw eight barracudas, a stingray, sea cucumbers, brain coral, and lots of cool fish. When we got back to the boat, I put on my bucket had, which everyone love, and we ate lunch. For lunch, we had mac and cheese and actually finished it all. This was the first meal we were able to finish. Our next rotation was wakeboarding and other watersports. I decided to kneeboard today, and it was so fun to see everyone trying something new. When we got back from that, we spent about an hour jumping in the water swimming around. The floaty that I brought definitely came in handy (thanks, Mom). While we were swimming, we made up a hand signal for our boat. Now we can use it to say hi to each other. After learning a bunch of knots, we took our showers. We finished off the day with veggie burgers, two squeezes, and a scuba “party.” It was a beautiful day for sure, and I’m so happy I brought my bucket hat.