Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was an interesting day. First off, we had some great French Toast in the morning to start our day. We then went to the beach (Prickly Pear Island) to sail small Pico sailboats. While I waited for my turn, we played beach volleyball. Right when I was going to sail, a storm hit. At first, it started off as one of those quick Caribbean rain showers. Shortly after, when everyone but Rossi was on their boats, the storm really hit. Gusts of wind turned our whole ActionQuest fleet, moving the anchors off the beach. So all of Rossi jumped on the anchors and saved the boats from drifting. Thankfully everything was ok. When we came back, we ate chicken salad sandwiches and moved onto coral reef talks with Linda. We learned all about the coral reef and how to protect them, which was really cool. After that, we got cleaned up and went to the BBQ on the beach. We had burgers and danced throughout the night, giving us a great night. So all in all, today was an eventful and exciting day, which helped bring all of Rossi closer together and more like a family.