Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Following a 6 am wake-up, the crew of Ross III (formerly known as Rossi II) set sail for the Baths. When we reached the island, we took to swimming, climbing on rocks and through caves and jumping from The Jumping Rock. The few scrapes and bruises were totally worth an amazing and fun morning. Following the Baths, the crew began heading for port and Virgin Gorda. All went smoothly until we were just within eyesight of the dock, and the boat hit bottom. It jostled the crew a bit, but everyone and the boat was fine. We all eventually made it to port and had a few hours on land. Seeing civilization after five days at sea felt weird. My shipmates and I were also stuck with our sea legs and spent the afternoon dizzy and missing the waves as we shopped and ate lunch. The crew did get a chance to enjoy some amenities that don’t exist at sea, like air conditioning, bottled water, and my personal favorite, ice cream. The Ross III crew returned aboard our new home and set sail for our final anchoring point of the day, Vixen Point. With the sails taut in the wind, the Rossi crew continued our sailing and bonding experiences. Some fun activities included discussing movies and music, and a few shipmates attempted to perfect a boat cheer with both a song and dance included. We’re still working it, though. It’s only day five into our voyage, but the crew of Rossi II already feels like a family. We have new experiences and different challenges every day, and I cannot imagine what the next two and a half weeks have to hold.