Location: Saba

Today was one of the most relaxing and fun days so far. Our boat arrived at Saba at around 8:30 am after a long and exciting 16 hours of sailing! After the long night spent rotating shifts as watch teams, we all collapsed after we arrived at the island. We awoke late in the morning to a wonderful oatmeal breakfast along with sandwiches being served as well. After brunch, we all cleaned the boat of the mess that was made while sailing at night. Once the cleaning was finished, we had the rest of the day to relax and do whatever we pleased. Most kids sat on deck chatting with Andy about his vast physics knowledge and the Islands history; however, the intellectual conversation slowly shifted to a silly game of I-Spy looking at the island. Afterward, we all were tired of the heat and decided to go for a swim. After we played for an hour or so, we took showers and waited for dinner. Dinner was fantastic! It was Mexican night, which meant nachos with cheese and Andy’s delicious bean casserole! The day ended with us sitting in the cockpit, chatting and reminiscing about our favorite TV shows when we were young. Overall it was a great day!