Location: Porto Vener - Italy

After waking up at 5:30 we all quickly hurried to get ready knowing shortly we get to explore the beautiful and colorful Cinque Terre. We grabbed a quick on-the-go breakfast of lemon poppy seed muffins and were on shore and waiting for the bus at 6:15. After the bus, we all took a short train ride over to the town of Vernazza where we got to explore and get some Italian pastries before our hike to the next town! Skip to an hour and a half of hiking later and we finally arrived at Corniglia. The hike over was long, but we had a gorgeous view of Italy the whole time. Here, we ate even more food, which included just about anything with pesto on it. The final city we got to explore was Manarola, where we got to soak up the Italian sun on the beach. While many of us cliff jumped off rocks, others decided to hang out and appreciate the view before we had to leave. After the train and bus rides back that felt like forever, we stopped at a local supermarket to pick up some snacks that we can enjoy on our sail to Elba tonight. Our long day ended with Mexican night and final preparations before we begin our sail to Elba!