Location: Leverick, Virgin Gorda

Today started out with a really nice breakfast of French toast at Mountain Point. After breakfast, the Vega students learned about decompression sickness and how to use RDP (Recreational Dive Planner) tables to help plan our dives. We then sailed over to Leverick Bay. On the way, the beginner sailors worked on some sailing skills. Everyone took a turn on the helm, doing skills such as tacking and jibing. Before practicing our man-overboard procedure, there was a very hard rain storm for about fifteen minutes. Everyone huddled up on the bow like penguins for warmth during the storm. Afterward, we had a quick lunch of PB+J. Again, the sailors resumed working on their skills. They now started working on man-overboard drills with a spare fender. The jobs were rotated so everyone had a turn on each. We arrived in Leverick Bay to refuel, get water, and have some shore time. The divemasters (Rachel and I) enjoyed our day-off from diving and took the time to chill out. We had the chance to fresh water shower before our BBQ at Leverick with DJ Heavy Beats- The best DJ in the BVI’s!