Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started off the day with a fun free dive, it was a beautiful experience. We dove for about 40 minutes and still, everyone wanted to continue the dive. We saw many fish in the water, they made us feel so much closer to nature. Right after the dive we went for a coral reef chat, it totally changed my perspective about coral reef conservation, we learned a lot about the actual situation marine life is going through due to contamination of oils, plastic, etc. It was a very emotional and heart touching chat when we realized how many innocent animals are being killed. I believe that after this chat we would definitely want to make a change. Right after the chat we ate lunch, we had a lot of fun, because Rachel and Benny started to do their backflips and everyone ended up doing the backflips. Today was very different from the other days. Me and the girls cleaned the bathrooms and cleaned up the rooms. The vessel seems very fresh and clean after the huge cleanup. After the cleanup we went to the beach, some of us went to take a delicious nap while others decided to do some windsurfing and Zest. It was a beautiful afternoon, we enjoyed a lot our time together just like always. Then we came back from the beach and everyone took a shower to prepare our dinner. Today Zoe and Laura, the chefs, they are making some delicious tacos for everyone to enjoy tonight and gain some energy for the upcoming theory classes of scuba diving. Can’t wait to learn something new!