Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We started off our eventful day with an early rise to get a head start to go to the Baths. We spent our morning climbing and jumping off boulders into the water, which was crazy! We had so much fun over there! After an hour and a half adventuring throughout the boats, we headed back to our beloved Lady Aubrey (read the boat’s name with an English accent, like Shannon) to set sail to Spanishtown. As a crew we had lunch together and then we had a stop to the grocery store to restock our boat of sweets. We made it out to the boat and had a relaxing and fun sail to Vixen Point and made a raft with Squeakybrat and Bella Vita. I feel like every day the bond between my shipmates and I grows stronger. I definitely love it here, and I know everyone else does. I am really excited to go for the rest of the trip onboard with the crew and Justin, Anna, and Shannon.