Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was really great and very instructive. It was our first rotation day. We woke up in Savanna Bay, had oatmeal for breakfast and then went windsurfing from the beach. It was pretty much everyone’s first time so we all learned how to windsurf and had a lot of fun. We then had our first scuba dive lesson so we were really excited. After two hours we could finally say that we had a chance to breathe underwater. Even though it was in a very shallow place and we couldn’t see a lot of fish, it was really amazing to just be there and experience breathing underwater. After that we went back to the boat, had lunch, and then continued our day by dividing the boat into two groups. One learned how to prep the boat for docking and one learned how to drive a dinghy. Later we went back to the boat. Some of us went waterskiing, some knee boarding, and the others went wakeboarding and everyone enjoyed this time. At the end of the busy day we showered and ate the dinner that the chefs of the day prepared. After that we went to Adonis for Lifeworks, which was really great and finally got back to the boat where the staff prepared us brownies. We had an awesome evening and then went to sleep.