Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning, after eating our cereal, we got our bathing suits on to go waterskiing/wakeboarding/knee boarding. Some of our crew can even ski on one ski! Afterwards we learned about coral and fish poop (aka sand if you didn’t know. It was the fun fact of the day). We talked about how important reefs are and how to preserve them. We learned how dangerous humans can be to the reefs and ocean life. The crew was shocked. After our “coral class” we ate lunch and hopped on mini sailboats. We learned how to tack and what to do if we had a man overboard, but fortunately that hasn’t happened. We sailed around for a few hours until it was time for our boat to go windsurfing. Everyone is so amazing at windsurfing, the crew was proud of one another. I think it’s one of our favorite activities on rotation days. But unfortunately it was our last time windsurfing. Later we had our ocean shower and had dinner. We all agree that today was definitely a great day!