Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started off our day with some tasty eggs and fresh melon prepared by our chefs Kyle and Shane. After cleanup we were all taught the different names and locations of the different parts of the sail. As soon as we felt comfortable with all the parts and functions, we set sail for the Sir Francis Drake channel! Although we had a smooth start, as we progressed into the channel the waves grew rougher. We had the opportunity to learn about different ways to align the sails to correspond with the wind direction. All of the shipmates rotated between the tasks to complete tacking. Once two hours of fun sailing went by, we had a few shipmates feel the wrath of the sea (seasickness). We then transitioned into some more smooth sailing to reach Savanna Bay. To cool off from the exciting day we took a nice swim and started to prepare our pasta dinner. To top off the eventful day, we will end our night with an informative scuba lesson to get us ready for our first dive tomorrow. We are all so excited for more adventurous days to come!