Location: Villefranche/Monaco - France

This morning we had cereal for breakfast to get our minds nice and energized for our IYC Competent Crew test. After we took our test, which hopefully all of us passed, we took a short train ride from Villefranche to Monaco, however we did not follow in Celina Gomez’s footsteps and get mistaken as princesses in Monte Carlo but we get to go to the Monaco Oceanographic Museum. On the lower levels of the museum, there was an Aquarium that featured a variety of sea creatures that are found in the Mediterranean and around the world; on the upper levels there was an Aboriginal art exhibit from Australia. There was also elevator access to a terrace that had an amazing view of the ocean and the city, which Cecilia, Hayley, and I got our picture taken on. After visiting the museum, we were allowed to go explore Monaco on our own. Many of us walked up toward the royal palace to have lunch at some of the many cafes in the narrow side streets. While walking around the harbor and admiring, the beautiful yachts. Around 4, we all hoped back on the train and headed back to Villefranche to have one of our last jump in showers and to eat dinner. In just a few moments, we will start our closing activities for the trip and then head to bed.