Location: Cannes - France

Right after clean up from breakfast, my shipmates and I boarded the dinghies to Cannes, France. We motored past the many yachts into the dock to explore the town made famous by the film festival. Having just eaten breakfast, Cece, Kira, Charlie and I decided to explore Cannes and window shop past the expensive stores bordering the beaches. We met up with almost half the boat for lunch at a restaurant near the sea and then headed back to Argo for jump-in showers. Kira and I accomplished our goal of successfully diving off of Argo. Then I began to prepare Argo for her last voyage with the 2016 Odysseus crew. Whilst we were underway, I decided to join Dawson, Kemal, Reily and Kira on bow watch. The swells rolled Argo upward and downward and caused our stomachs to drop like we were on a roller coaster. All of a sudden, Argo’s bow faced the sky and lurched downward into a wave. The water pushed Reily, Kira and Dawson to the deck and fully soaked us all. During dinner, we completed our 700th mile on Argo underway to Villefranche, one of our last destinations. Sadly, today was the beginning of the end of our time aboard our beloved Argo but it has been an amazing journey so far and we all look forward to the last couple of days we have left and making the most of them.