Location: Villefranche - France

Well this is it, the last blog post. The crew woke up today with sadness about the trip ending and excitement for what lies ahead. We had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and got divided into our “boat appreciation” teams. After all, that Argo has given us, it was time to show her some love and get her cleaned up. After a few hours of sweaty, soapy work the boat was looking pretty fresh. To clean ourselves up after, we enjoyed our last jump-in shower by jumping off the bow and trying to push each other underwater. We basked in the sun, taking in the beautiful landscape around us until it was about time to get ready for on shore time. The boys donned their polos and the girls their dresses, and we squeezed ourselves into the dinghy. We had 3 hours to enjoy the quaint town of Villefranche before our last dinner. The crew gathered at the pier as the staff all arrived in the dinghy looking classier than ever, and after the count off, we all headed up the narrow street to the restaurant. Bowls of pasta and mussels and plates off steak and beef tartare were placed in front of our hungry faces and we were full in no time. After dinner, we had time to do some final exploring and eat as much gelato as possible. At 9 we all headed back to the boat for our final squeeze. As we sat down in the cockpit, it dawned on us that the trip was really coming to an end. I had the responsibility of generating the final squeeze question, and I chose to ask everyone what their favorite memory from the trip was and what their favorite memory of the person sitting next to them was. As everyone recounted their favorite activities and inside jokes, some eyes got teary and some hands got held more tightly. You could hear whispers of “I’m gonna miss you guys,’ and “I can’t pick a favorite memory”. We all remembered hiking the Cinque Terra, jumping off the white cliffs of Bonifacio, and learning boat knowledge in the salon with Chapman and Cooper. We ended the last squeeze circle with a big group hug and reviewed the plan for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be full of tears and hugs, but we will leave with happy memories and new, amazing friendships.