Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Day 16 on Rossi started how every day should- with pancakes for breakfast. We filled up and set sail early for our long-awaited sailing practical as part of our International Crew certification. We tacked, jibed, hove to, tied knots, and ultimately showed off all we learned about sailing in the last 16 days. During our sail, we had lunch out at sea while discussing lots of classic Disney movies and songs, among other things. We also had a seagull fly just alongside our boat during the sail. The bird trailed along perfectly so we could reach out and feed the guy bits of food scraps. To add to the excitement, an eagle ray launched out of the water for a brief second for us all to see during the sail. After a long morning and early afternoon of sailing, Rossi set the anchor at Sandy Spit and had some beach time. Our short time on shore was filled with a competitive game of tag. It was personally my favorite part of the day to just run around and play games like we were all little kids again. We soon returned to the boat for freshwater showers and dinner with Mike, the AQ director. Mike entertained the crew over dinner by sharing stories about his involvement in ActionQuest. The activities concluded with a Lifeworks Forum where a few boats got together to discuss balancing “what” we want versus “who” we want to be with our goals for the future. Rossi returned to our boat after the group forum for brownies, some music, and card games before we prepare for bed and a sailing race tomorrow.